Here you can download AnCal APK file for your Android phone. Please, note, that AnCal has been not yet tested on a real device - only emulator.

If you want to support AnCal development, please read below about donating project.

Project Donation

AnCal is a Free project. You get great, useful utility for free.

Why donate ?

I worked hard to create best utility software which I'd like to use. Creating first version of AnCal taken over 1000 hours of my private time !

If you like AnCal, please consider donating to help me with development of this project.

All donation you give for this project, go for funding Android Dev Phone, and tools (software) that I need to work.

How to donate ?

Donations are managed by PayPal, the industry leader in online money transfers.

You can donate by pressing the button below, which will take you directly to PayPal. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Project Sources

Because I have no free time anymore, to continue developing of AnCal, I decided to move AnCal to Open Source. It is now totally free, open project. Any skilled developer can join to improve this software for others, or just create a better one, based on AnCal.

Just visit project home page:

AnCal project on Google Code