Quick Start - Start Screen

This software was designed to be very easy to use, so simply start using it. But if you want some information or tips, you can read this quick tutorial.

Today viewTitle of Today view screen, shows you current weekday name and date. Screen has switchable views: Today, Day, Week and Month. After program start, Today view is visible with all appointments, tasks and notes for current day. You can add new appointment, task or note for each group, by clicking on its header. Also, there is week number visible on bottom for current day.

Note, that only appointments with "active" date are listed (visible) in Today view screen. Active date, means date of your appointment, or date calculated from start date if appointment repeat is enabled. You can view all of your appointments in Day, Week or Month views.

Switching viewsYou can switch current view by clicking start screen bottom buttons. Each other view starts with current date. Views other than Today, have top controls button for change current visible date range.

Day view shows your appointments in scrollable hours list. You can add new appointment directly, by pressing left time hour text by touch. You can also adjust minutes value of new appointment by holding time text "pressed" and sliding touch to the right. After releasing touch, new appointment screen will appear with selected time.

In Week view, you can see current week days list with time hour text on the left. Each day cell lists appointments added for this day. Clicking on week day cell, changes view to Day view of that selected day.

In Month view, you can see current month days grid. Day cell, that contains any appointment(s), has dot symbol in top left corner visible. Clicking on selected week day line, changes view to Week view of that selected week.

MenuTo access options or shortcuts, you can also use system menu, available on start screen in any view, after clicking on hardware menu button.

Appointment Screen

Appointment screen has controls and fields for setting your appointment data. First, enter text of subject.

On-screen keyboardCheck Tips pages to learn how to open alternative on-screen keyboard for entering text.

Second, set or clear alarm for your appointment. If alarm is set, there will be notification window visible and alarm sound playing at the date and time of your appointment.

Third, click start date button to show calendar, where you can select start date day of your appointment.

Next, set all day appointment or click start time button to show time selector, where you can select start time of your appointment.

At least, you can set daily, weekly, monthly or yearly repeat of an appointment.

After clicking "done" bottom button with green checkmark, your appointment is saved to program database. You can view it in Day view, selecting appropriate date of view.

Task Screen

Like in appointment, enter text of subject and set or clear alarm.

Second, select task priority. Tasks are sorted in today list and in alarm screen by its priority.

Third, select due date for your task. Tasks with due date are visible in today screen, only in due date day or if visible option in menu is set. Alarm for due tasks is active on and after due date.

In edit task mode, "done" option for task becomes visible. If you check "done" for task, it will be visible with green checkmark on Today view screen, and this task will not trigger any alarms.

Note Screen

Enter any text of your note and save it.

Options Screen

To change some application settings, open menu with hardware key on start screen and select Options menu item.


Alarm notificationAlarms are shown, even if AnCal is not running. When date and time of active appointment or task arrives, system shows alarm notification message. When alarm notification in status bar is clicked and open, then Alarm dialog screen is showing.

Alarm dialogThis screen lists current alarms of active appointments and tasks. You can clear, snooze or open currently selected appointment or task. Clearing item resets alarm for this item - it will not appear again in a day. If alarm item is snoozed, it will appear again after time (default: 5 minutes) selected in Options screen. If alarm will be snoozed more than once (or yet more, according to settings in options), it will be auto-cleared.